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Armouring Machine


Armouring Machine   

Cable Tech specializes in manufacturing both Rigid and Planetary Armouring machines. Armouring machines are manufactured in various configurations - 24/36/48/ 54/60/72/84/96/108/120, of different bobbin sizes and in single or double cage designs as per the customers' requirement. We provide world class technology for screening solutions. We manufacture rigid Armouring Machines in both Fork Type and Cage Type Designs.

  Technical Data
Wire / Strip1.5 mm-5mm/4x0.8 mm
Configuration24 bobbin, 36 bobbin, 48 bobbin, 54 bobbin,72 bobbin, 90 bobbin & 108 bobbin
Bobbin Size400/500/630 DIN
Cage Speed200/100/80 rpm
ConstructionSteel fabricated rotor design supported on bearing At both ends.
Bobbin HoldingPintle type
Pintle MovementManual/Pneumatic (Optional )
Bobbin loading/unloadingManual/Batch Loading  

Special Features of our machines

» Energy efficient.
» High productivity and user friendly. 
» Low noise.
» Minimum vibration.
» Low heat generation.
» Compatible for network system.

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