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Automatic Dual Take-up


Automatic Dual Take-up     
Fully automatic high-speed pintle type dual take-up designed for reel dia. 400 mm, 500 mm & 630 mm.
The two reels are driven by DC motors, controlled by dancer and 4-Q thyristors converters.
The common traverse unit is driven by a separate variable speed PMDC gear motor in synchronism with the reel drive (traverse limits by two proximity switches).
An emergency pneumatic disc brake is mounted on each driven pintle.
Automatic sequence by integrated pneumatically actuated lifting platforms, with empty reel magazine, transportation and transfer station to both winding positions and full reel magazine.
Changeover process from the full reel to the empty one without speed education initiated by meter counter or manually.
Control accumulator, placed horizontally on the take-up, with pneumatic tension control.

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